Report August 2014 : Simon’s Town News

After a few months working in the « shadow » to prepare new projects for our ONG, I am pleased to share a new « release » with you.

Currently, we are in Simon’s Town, South Africa, a pretty little town 40 minutes of drive to south of Cape Town and just off the Cape of Good Hope.

In fact, Lawrence and I are conducting a 19-day trip to South Africa, with the aim of: sharing time and have a great time with great white sharks in False Bay; meet our South African friends whose welcome, hospitality and passion for sharks are as warm as exceptional; discover the projects implemented on site to ensure the protection of sharks and to allow peaceful coexistence with humans; reflect and interact with different stakeholders in the field on the « how » The constellation of shark ASBL could support and assist local projects to protect sharks, particularly great white shark, a species that is critically endangered globally; and finally relax and gain strength in a place where the shark is ubiquitous in everyday life, a true paradise for lovers we are.




We arrived in South Africa on July 31. Since our daily life is divided between watching « Breach » at dawn, morning daily dives with great white sharks, and afternoon to meet wildlife (southern right whales, common dolphins, penguins, sea lions ) present in False Bay in the austral winter.

We had the honor of meeting daily marine inhabitants of False Bay that were indeed present at the rendezvous (even if the activity of the great white shark was quieter than expected in the high season). These magical moments we were able to spend time and learn a lot about them, especially on the interrelationships that allows a nice world to live together.




We remember the contemplation of two exceptional « Breaches », with great white sharks flying defied the laws of gravity to give us beautiful leaps; but also an emotional meeting with three whales, curious and amused, have toured extensively around our boat, plunging their eyes in ours, and literally dancing in the waves around; or meet with hundreds of dolphins playing around us and enjoying our presence.

Thank you, sharks, whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins for honoring us with your presence and your confidence.




This week we also had the chance to meet the « shark spotters » who work for the innovative project and precursor « shark surveillance ». A Fish Hoek or Muitzenberg, two small towns just off Simon‘s Town on the hills as on the beaches, using appropriate resources and well organized, they look around the blue horizon to detect the presence of sharks and to warn swimmers. This system gives excellent results in security level, but also acts as local pride to the people, truly embodying an exemplary way of living together. We return to this topic in a future article, in order to develop and share with you the different aspects of this unique project.




With this release, we would especially like to thank some South African friends who contributed to the success of the first part of our trip:

- Rob and Karen Lawrence and the entire team of African Shark Eco-Charters (Gary Kim, Wellington, Graham, Dustin and Roxy), which allowed us to go to meet the great white shark of excellent conditions. They made ​​every effort to make us live a great adventure. ASEC is a reference company wishing to go to meet the great white shark.

- Dave and the team of Boat Compagny Simon’s Town, which offered us a wonderful time with the whales and dolphins currently present in False Bay.

- Liesel and her husband, and Daleen and the team of Mariner Guesthouse, for their warm welcome and attention they offered us so that we are in the best conditions for work and rest between excursions.

- Brandon, for having led with good humor and dynamism in different sites in the area.

- Alan, excellent taxi driver, as good as driver friendly and attentive. If you wish to book a transfer in the Cape Town area, we highly recommend.

Thank you to all of you and all of you!


Thulier Vincent, Chairman and Founder